New Year, New Start: Why All Businesses Should Be Deep Cleaning Their Premises

The end of 2020 is in sight, which is something that the majority of businesses will be extremely grateful for. As we approach a new year, it’s a great time to consider deep cleaning for your office, shop, restaurant or commercial premises. For many, staff will be taking leave, buildings will be slightly less busy, and it’s a prime opportunity to prepare for a clean, fresh start in 2021.

Elan Environmental provides electrostatic deep cleaning services to suit businesses of all sizes, effective against 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Here’s everything you need to know about the deep cleaning process, and why everyone should consider a deep clean for their business.

What is touchless deep cleaning?

Touchless deep cleaning is one of the safest and most effective ways of killing infection, bacteria and viruses. The process thoroughly cleans premises, bringing the environment back to zero.

Deep environmental cleaning, also known as touchless disinfection, involves using electrostatic spray surface cleaning to remove infectious diseases. The electrostatically charged disinfectant particles naturally wrap themselves around all surfaces, ensuring that all surfaces are evenly covered, including hard-to-reach areas. This process is quick and provides better coverage than traditional cleaning methods, whilst minimising disruption for your team.

What types of businesses can benefit from deep cleaning?

Touchless deep cleaning and disinfection is versatile and suitable for all kinds of spaces, buildings and environments. Our touchless disinfection services are commonly availed of by a vast range of businesses, including:

  • Offices
  • Schools and educational facilities
  • Nursing home and care homes
  • Retailers and commercial businesses
  • Pubs, restaurants and cafes
  • Gyms and leisure facilities
  • Medical facilities

Why is touchless deep cleaning more effective than traditional methods?

Most commercial cleaners will do a fantastic job of keeping your premises clean. However, all buildings have certain nooks and crannies that will constantly get overlooked or missed by traditional disinfectants and cleaning products. A deep clean will target those permanently neglected areas and ensure your premises are sparkling clean.

In terms of the science, the disinfectant used for deep cleaning (Sanosil Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour), is highly effective against viruses, including COVID-19. The electrostatic spray droplets are charged to an electrostatic force, equivalent to 75 times gravity, meaning that they have the power to reach and effectively deep clean surfaces well beyond the reach of conventional spray systems. Finally, electrostatic spraying equipment is easily transported and has a 70% faster delivery time than traditional deep cleaning methods.

When should you book a deep clean for your business?

Commercial deep cleaning is regularly sought for businesses who believe their premises may have been exposed to infection or viruses, such as COVID-19, MRSA, C-Diff, Norovirus, Equine Influenza and VRE. However, contrary to popular opinion, you do not need to suspect the presence of a virus or bacteria in your premises to benefit from commercial deep cleaning services. Regular electrostatic deep cleaning is recommended for all businesses, to supplement traditional cleaning methods as part of your cleaning protocols.

We understand that commercial deep cleaning may seem like an unnecessary expense at a difficult time for businesses. However, 2020 has highlighted that cleanliness and hygiene now needs to be considered as one of your business’s biggest risks for the foreseeable future. With this in mind, the benefits of thorough and effective cleaning far outweighs your initial investment.

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