Everything You Should Know About Disinfectant Fogging

Elan Environmental provides touchless disinfection services, commonly known as disinfectant fogging, to businesses across Northern Ireland that suspect they have come into contact with COVID-19 (coronavirus). As the name suggests, disinfectant fogging, uses a spray of disinfectant to disperse a fog-like vapour in a room, disinfecting surfaces and hard to reach areas.

Fogging is a quick and effective solution to remove COVID-19 from businesses, schools or other large buildings requiring a deep clean. Here is a simple guide to the facts about fogging.

How does disinfectant fogging work?

The disinfectant fogging process involves spraying an electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces and objects to deep clean the area. The disinfectant particles are charged with an electrostatic force equal to 75 times gravity, allowing them to wrap themselves around all surfaces and ensuring that everything is evenly covered with a wide reaching mist, even small nooks and crannies. This means that you do not need to clear a room or move furniture before the fogging process begins.

What will the disinfectant protect against?

Our disinfectant vapour, Sanosil Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) is a hospital grade disinfectant, regularly used to disinfect intensive care units and operating theatres. Sanosil kills more than 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus (COVID-19), MRSA, C-Diff, Norovirus, Equine Influenza and VRE. It is also effective against mould and fungi.

What type of business does it suit?

Disinfectant fogging is suitable for all businesses. Traditionally, the process is typically used in hospitals, veterinary clinics, dental surgeries, schools and universities, but was not often required in other industries until the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be used in everyday businesses, including offices, restaurants, shops and even vehicles. Businesses include:

  • Retailers and commercial businesses
  • Hospitality venues, including hotels and restaurants
  • Leisure facilities, such as gyms, swimming rooms, changing areas, locker rooms
  • Office buildings
  • Taxis, buses and public transport
  • Care homes and medical facilities
  • Factories and manufacturing facilities

How long does it take?

The fogging process itself is quick and simple, causing minimal disruption to your business. Time required to effectively disinfect your building depends on the size and nature of your business. However, in all cases, you should be able to return to work the following day, as the disinfectant vapour is safe and odourless.

Is it harmful to my staff or the environment?

The hydrogen peroxide based solution used in electrostatic fogging is both chlorine and alcohol free. After use, it breaks down into water and oxygen, making it one of the safest forms of disinfection. It is odorless, non-allergenic, and poses no risk to humans, animals, plants or the environment.

Will it damage my office?

Again, as the hydrogen peroxide based solution breaks down into water and oxygen, it is not corrosive on materials and will not damage your office. Our electrostatic fogging devices use a “dry spray” and therefore do not leave wet surfaces or residue. This also means that spraying can be safely performed around laptops, monitors and keyboards, so long as the mist is not applied at close range.

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