Energy Assessments and Management

Principles of energy efficiency: An energy efficient building provides the required internal environment and services with minimum energy use in a cost effective and environmentally sensitive manner.

Buildings consume nearly half the energy used in the UK, Even comparatively minor changes in the energy performance of and the way we use each building would have a significant effect in reducing energy consumption, and hence, carbon emissions.

Tangible benefits from energy efficiency ranging from the individual to the national level are:

  • Improved design and operation of buildings
  • Better working environments
  • Life-cycle cost savings
  • Environmental: mainly through reduced emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and reduced consumption of finite fossil fuels. Energy efficiency is a key performance measurement in most environmental management systems (EMS)
  • Added market value of buildings, when energy efficiency is perceived as a significant benefit by developers and letting agents

Elan environmental can offer a number of core energy consultancy services to comply with legislative requirements and to proactively reduce energy consumption resulting in lower costs and reduced CO2 emmisions.

The comprehensive range of Elan Environmental Ltd energy services include:

  • Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) on all types of buildings Existing & New Build in the UK & ROI.
  • Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) Existing & New Build in the UK & ROI.
  • Display Energy Certificates (DECs) on all public buildings (Where applicable) in the UK & ROI.
  • Air conditioning assessments in the UK & ROI
  • Site specific energy assessments with ongoing energy management
  • Renewable energy consultancy/feasibility studies/Grant Applications
  • Energy awareness training
  • Air tightness testing
  • Thermal Imaging

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