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Elan Environmental provide Indoor Air Quality Plans and third-party Indoor Air Quality testing for projects working towards BREEAM. We support clients with achieving up to two BREEAM HEA 02 credits, whilst maximising health and comfort for building occupants.

Our Consultants can support your project with achieving up to two BREEAM credits, including indoor air quality plans and third-party testing for gases, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde, which can cause health risks to building occupants.

The Indoor Air Quality testing is carried out before handover to sample test areas for exceeded limits of harmful gases. If levels are exceeded, we will provide advice on measures to improve in accordance with the indoor air quality plan.

Indoor Air Quality Plans considers the following

  • Removal of contaminant sources
  • Dilution & control of contaminant sources
  • Procedures of pre-occupancy flush out
  • 3rd party testing & analysis
  • Maintaining indoor air quality in-use

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